The art of photo restoration


Bringing in the new

We can't tell you the number of hours some of our images take to restore, more than we care to remember sometimes.
With some of our images being well over 100 years old, time can take it toll, using the latest digital restoration techniques we bring these old images into the 21st century.

Historical Sensitivity: Our restoration artists possess a deep appreciation for the significance of Royal Navy photographs, ensuring that every detail is handled with historical accuracy and respect. 

Artistry Meets Technology: Utilizing advanced digital restoration tools, we skilfully repair faded colours, scratches, tears, and other imperfections, all while maintaining the authentic essence of each photograph.
Attention to Naval Heritage: We understand the cultural and historical importance of Royal Navy photographs. Our restoration process brings out the intricate details of uniforms, ships, and settings, preserving the legacy of these moments for generations to come.

Emotional Connection: The Royal Navy has played a pivotal role in shaping nations' destinies. Our restoration process rekindles the emotional connection to these moments, allowing you to step back in time and experience the courage and dedication of those who served.

The results 

prints to be proud of

 Christopher Stowers wrote
" I ordered prints of my old ships that I hadn't seen for many years, the prints arrived and looked like they had been taken yesterday "
HMS Hermione F58 Royal Navy Leander class frigate

Frequently Ask Questions

Are the images cropped?

We take great care to crop and resize images to be as close to the original file as possible.

Do you have date information of images?

Sometimes we do have that information, if so, it will be listed on the item page in the description.

Can i add text to the framed prints?

Sure, you will need to order a mounted print, we can add a cutout and text in the mount itself.

How long do framed prints take to make?

Generally 5-7 business days depending on how many orders we are working on

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes all of our items come with a 5 year guarantee, please see T&C's for more details 

Do You Deliver Overseas?

Yes we do, please be aware that depending on your location, local taxes may still apply on receipt of your order.